Empty nest: Should I stay or should I go?

Parents Whose Kids Are Leaving the Coop

We wonder if Joe Strummer 70’s punk pioneers The Clash was contemplating a house move when he wrote this! Possibly not and whilst for some the decision whether to move or not can be an agonising one, for many empty nesters it’s an exciting time, a time for a change of lifestyle and for some quality me-time.

Find your dream home

After years of standing on wet and windy touchlines, after what seems like decades of mile after mile of drop-offs and pick-ups you’ve suddenly got time and a different set of priorities. Perhaps you no longer need or want the classic three/four bed family home close to all those much vaunted local amenities? Maybe now’s the time to indulge your dreams and go for that funky apartment, that rural idyl or that fixer upper to give vent to your inner interior designer?

Pay off your mortgage/Boost your finances

With the kids gone and now making their own way in the world perhaps the opportunity to downsize would free up cash locked away in your home or allow you to pay off or reduce your mortgage payments? For some empty nesters this is the ideal time to future-proof your lives and to consider a bungalow in order that in the years ahead if mobility does become an issue you’ve already got it sorted.

What’s your current home worth

So if the chicks have flown the nest and you’re contemplating a move why not speak to us? We offer a FREE, no obligation pre sale valuation and can advise on any little jobs best tackled before selling in order to achieve the best sale price. What’s more if you decide to sell through our multi award winning agency we’ll even let you set the fee!

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