Estate Agency

Estate Agency

Everyone knows that selling your home can be an anxious time. The property market can be fickle.  Often it’s a case of feast or famine be that the number of buyers in the market or the number of homes available to sell.  With many decades of combined experience in our team in Dunfermiline, we’ve seen it all and have successfully guided our clients through times when the waters have been choppy as well as times when the waters have been calm. We aim to minimise the stress clients can experience and by bringing to bear our considerable experience of the Scottish property market help we maximise the price for which our clients’ homes sell and reduce the time it takes to do so.

We have a large number of industry awards and accolades to our name which we believe demonstrate our dedication to clients and to our client service.

Our clients enjoy a close working relationship with their own dedicated negotiator receiving at the very least a full weekly update discussing viewing feedback and planning sales strategies and initiatives. In short our clients benefit from levels of pro activity few are able to replicate.

We believe selling houses isn’t just about bricks and mortar. It’s so much more; it’s about handing on a home. Our carefully tailored marketing strategies are designed to fulfil client’s needs and with a number of options to suit most budgets, it may cost less than you think. A successful estate agency is a partnership between a client and an agent.

maloco mowat parker know that the competition for instruction is fierce. There are many very able firms out there. So confident are we however that we can bring real advantages to you that we are prepared to let our clients set our final commission.  Our “Pay What You Want” fee model is believed to be unique in Scotland and with up to 30% of our fee at stake it ensures we have a laser focus on customer care and that clients only pay for the service they feel they received (terms & conditions apply – details can be found here).

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What is a Power of Attorney?
A legal document is signed by you at the present time, designating a trusted individual to make choices on your behalf in case you become incapable of making such decisions for yourself in the future.
Why should I make a Power of Attorney?
A Will guarantees the allocation of your assets based on your desires upon your demise, while a Power of Attorney safeguards your wealth during your lifetime. Having a Power of Attorney is equally vital as having a Will – it’s essential for everyone to possess one.
Is there a limit to how many people I have as my Attorney?
No, there is no limit to the number of individuals you can appoint as your attorney, provided they are at least 16 years of age. However, you need to specify if they should collaborate or act independently when making choices for you.
When does a Power of Attorney start?
You can grant your attorney(s) the power to manage your financial affairs immediately upon registering the document, or you can withhold this authority until you’re mentally incapable of making your own choices. The ability to make welfare decisions can only be exercised when you’re unable to decide on your own well-being.
Can I amend or cancel my POA?
Yes, for as long as you are able to make decisions, you can amend your POA at any time. As long as you have mental capacity you can also cancel your POA at any given time.

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