A Tenants Guide

Finding the right rental property

If you’re looking to rent, please call or email to advise us of your requirements and we will see If we can find you a suitable property. If we have property available to let that is suitable for you we can then make arrangements for you to view the property. You will be accompanied by one of our viewing agents at a suitable day and time and this includes Saturdays.


If the property we are advertising as available to rent is suitable and you want to apply to become the tenant, we will ask you to complete a credit reference. We use an external referencing agency to verify employment details/salary, obtain references from current landlords (if appropriate) and to provide a credit report. Satisfactory references on behalf of all applicable tenants will be required in order to secure the property. Once this check has been completed you will then be asked to pay a deposit of at least one month’s rent which will then remove the property from the market.


Following a satisfactory reference check, arrangements for the tenancy are made. Sufficient time must be allowed for the necessary gas/electric safety checks and preparation of inventory to be carried out. Usually we look at 4-5 working days. The first rent will be due the day you move into the property with your deposit being already paid once an acceptable reference has been obtained. Deposits are lodged with My Deposit Scotland for the duration of the tenancy. This is held against any claim for damage, cleaning, unpaid bills, including rent, at the end of the tenancy. Tenant Agreement and other documents must be signed prior to your move in date.


An inventory will be prepared using an accredited external inventory provider before the tenancy commences. A copy will be issued on the day the tenancy commences and must be returned, with any comments, within 7 days of your move in date. We then will use this to check the property at the end of the tenancy.


We carry out inspections on the property with the first one being one month after your move in date. After this we will schedule inspections at 3 monthly intervals. These inspections are used to make sure the property is being looked after and maintained to the required level. You will be informed in writing when the inspection will be carried out for you to be present.


Your rent will be collected by standing order which is set up when you are in signing you lease and other documents on your move in day.

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Do rental tenants pay council tax?
Yes. The tenant is solely responsible for paying their own council tax, although it may be included within your rental agreement. Please check the signed paperwork for more details.
Can my landlord increase my rent?
Rent usually cannot be increased unless you agree or the tenancy agreement allows it. If you are struggling to pay rent then you may be eligible for Housing Association benefits.
Can I change my rental property locks?
Legally, there is nothing from stopping you changing the property’s locks. However, many agreements will include in the signed agreement a clause preventing tenants from doing so.
Do I need my own insurance?
Tenants’ insurance is a form of cover designed to protect your contents in the event of flooding, fire damage or theft. It is not a legal requirement, but covers possessions such as: clothes, jewellery, appliances, electronics, furniture, crockery and antiques.

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