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Your mortgage is likely to be the biggest and most important commitment you’ll ever make. So it’s important that you find the mortgage that’s perfect for you. Although at maloco mowat parker we don’t personally provide mortgage advice, we have carefully selected relationships with Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) both here in Dunfermline and also in Edinburgh who provide a specialist mortgage service. What’s more your first interview is completely FREE.

Mortgages have become one of the most fiercely competitive financial products and there are numerous providers in the UK offering many different mortgages, all of which have varying interest rates and criteria. Through our recommended IFAs, our aim is to ensure that they help find the one that best suits your needs or reassure you that the one you have chosen is right for you.

The IFA’s with whom we deal have access to deals not available to the general public. Their training and years of experience mean that our clients can be confident that the mortgage product selected will be the most suitable for them.

What mortgage products are available?

* First time buyers
* Re-mortgage
* Buy to let and let to buy
* Lifetime mortgages
* Self-employed
* Right to buy

Independent Financial Advisers are regulated by the Financial Services Authority, who can search the entire marketplace on your behalf. That means they have access to some of the best mortgage deals in the market, updated daily. These can include well-know high street names and other, more specialist providers who offer excellent mortgage products to, for example, the self-employed.

Naturally, selecting the right mortgage is important but so too are your other financial planning arrangements and our recommended advisers will be able to give independent, impartial advice on any existing endowment policies, life and critical Illness protection and sickness cover you may have or may require.

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What is a Power of Attorney?
A legal document is signed by you at the present time, designating a trusted individual to make choices on your behalf in case you become incapable of making such decisions for yourself in the future.
Why should I make a Power of Attorney?
A Will guarantees the allocation of your assets based on your desires upon your demise, while a Power of Attorney safeguards your wealth during your lifetime. Having a Power of Attorney is equally vital as having a Will – it’s essential for everyone to possess one.
Is there a limit to how many people I have as my Attorney?
No, there is no limit to the number of individuals you can appoint as your attorney, provided they are at least 16 years of age. However, you need to specify if they should collaborate or act independently when making choices for you.
When does a Power of Attorney start?
You can grant your attorney(s) the power to manage your financial affairs immediately upon registering the document, or you can withhold this authority until you’re mentally incapable of making your own choices. The ability to make welfare decisions can only be exercised when you’re unable to decide on your own well-being.
Can I amend or cancel my POA?
Yes, for as long as you are able to make decisions, you can amend your POA at any time. As long as you have mental capacity you can also cancel your POA at any given time.

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